TIME: 2010 Olympic Coverage

Stranded at the Newark Airport en route to Vancouver, TIME’s Vanessa Kaneshiro met fellow passengers — and UK Olympic ice dancers — John and Sinead Kerr

U.S. speed skater Jordan Malone has had some tough breaks at this year’s Olympic games, but he says his dog Oly never fails to cheer him up

Though some fashion critics have called them an eyesore, the Czech Republic Olympic team calls its outfits awesome

She is the first American to win a gold medal in women’s downhill skiing. Lindsey Vonn will now take your questions

Linda Edney is en route to see her son compete in the men’s luge Olympic finals at Whistler and she couldn’t be prouder

Sven Kramer won an Olympic gold medal for the Netherlands today — and his ecstatic fans are celebrating

U.S. Women’s hockey team members tell TIME what fashions they wear to accessorize their team jerseys. And they all wear heels

Irish skeleton athlete Patrick Shannon has one of the most noticeable helmet designs at the Winter Games. He explains why he sports the Angel of Death

First-time Olympian Chris Mazdzer demonstrates the audience props used in the Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremonies and talks about what it was like to be there

U.S. athletes talk about what it was like to compete in their first Olympics, hint at new love interests and say they’re already looking forward to 2014

Tiny young skiers are all over Whistler mountain and some hope you might see them compete in a future Winter Games

Kris Freeman is in his third Winter Olympics on a U.S. cross-country skiing team, defying the doctors who told him he’d never be able to compete with diabetes

Lindsey Vonn wins gold in the women’s downhill at the 2010 Winter Games and Whistler skiers rejoice

The huge Olympic cauldron on the Vancouver waterfront is stunning — too bad it’s completely surrounded by a temporary chain-link fence.

The name may make you snicker, but a random taste test shows that the Canadian treat called Beaver Tail tastes nothing like a rodent’s backside

2010 Olympic silver medalist Hannah Teter started ‘Sweet Cheeks’ panties to raise money for charity, and proceeds now aid Doctors Without Borders’ work in Haiti


One of the best assignments for TIME: covering the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Because of TV rights issues, filming the competition is not allowed, so I had to get creative and film stories in and around the Olympic Village.


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