Services: Hawaii Business Videos

Business Videos: Hawaii!

Today there are simple and effective digital media tools that can help any business thrive in Hawaii – and video is one of them.  Creating a profile video about you and your business can show your customers who you are and why you love what you do.  You can also show off your business location/space and even merchandise. 

Getting Started

  • Video Production Basics: If you’d like an overview of the video production process, from shooting to post-production, I provide FREE consultations
  • Your Company’s Story: I can help you create a great profile video about you and your company for your website and social networking applications
  • Using Video with Social Networking Applications: The great thing about web video is that it doesn’t have to live in just one place.  In addition to being on your website, video players also enable you to post your videos on Facebook, Yelp, and even mobile applications.  I can help you make the most of even one video – contact me for more info!
  • Video Publishing Basics: Some businesses love video so much, they want lots of recurring videos on their site for monthly or even weekly releases.  I can help you create your own video channels, choose your video hosting company, and create custom web video players

Consulting and Training

  • Training: So you’ve decided that you love web video so much, you want to learn how to publish one every week.  I have lots of experience in teaching!  If your employees are just starting out with video, I can give lessons on the basics of framing/composition, lighting, audio, and video publishing.  Soon, your team will be fully on their way
  • Purchasing Equipment: Don’t know which camera package to buy for your company?  Do you need lighting and audio equipment?  Confused about editing systems?  I can help

It’s a goal of mine to contribute to the prosperity and success of local businesses owners in Hawaii.  I provide professional video production – from producing, to shooting, to editing – and I’ll work with you to stay within budget.  Contact me for more info!