Services: Magazines/Newspapers

With 9 years of film, TV, and video production experience, I bring a strong and varied skill-set to any job (big or small).  Feel free to contact me for day rates on camera work, editing, or producing.  I have my own HD camera, audio equipment, and editing system.




  • From Start to Finish: I provide professional video production – from producing, to shooting, to editing.  I will deliver finished videos to you via hard drive, ftp, or uploaded directly to your own video platform or channel.
  • Video Journalism: I have my Master’s in Journalism from UC Berkeley’s J-School and spent 3 years as a Senior Video Producer at TIME Magazine in New York.  Whether you need a standalone feature video or a video to accompany a print story, I can deliver!
  • Have Camera, Will Travel: It’s true, I’m based in Honolulu, Hawaii – so why would I want to leave, right?  But I still love to travel.  If you have a big story coming up that needs video, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me


If you are just starting to use video on your company website or have even general questions about mobile-app (including iPad) video production, I can help.  Consulting services include:

  • General Assessments and Recommendations: I can give you insight on how your company can integrate video into your website and also launch your videos on multiple platforms (including social networking applications like Facebook and Yelp).  I can also help you decide if feature or profile videos versus a recurring web video series would be best for your site
  • Video Production Basics: I can prepare you for what to expect on a shoot and give you details about what kind of video is feasible within any budget
  • Video Production Planning: I can help you lay out a solid production schedule, from shoot to post, and help you deliver your first videos on-time
  • Website Re-designs with New Video Players: I can give you recommendations on the best video players, video platforms/video hosting, and custom video channels that will work for your company.  I can also work with you on which website/graphic design layouts will work best with your new video and online print/text integration
  • Training: I have lots of experience in teaching!  If your reporters or employees are just starting out with video, I can give lessons on the basics of interviewing, framing/composition, lighting, and audio
  • Purchasing Equipment: Don’t know which camera package to buy for your office?  Do you need lighting and audio equipment?  Confused about editing systems?  I can help
  • iPad Video Production: Creating video for iPad production is a challenge – but lots of fun.  Contact me for everything from the basics, to production and launch